Are you in danger of running out of machined parts?

Companies that rely on machined components should take note that the machining industry is currently experiencing a boom in work. It is in your best interest to start placing PO’s. If you can schedule deliveries for your 2015 demands right now, I would suggest you do so.

Our experience at this time is that many Companies are waiting until the last minute to place critical orders. This is a really bad idea at this time. With shops running long hours and at capacity, it is not possible to squeeze in even the most simple of parts.

Your most trusted machine shop cannot create time out of thin air so don’t get caught having to search for a backup in a pinch. You’ve worked hard qualifying your vendors. Now is not the time to go through that process again.

A quick look at Craigslist ads reveals a need for every conceivable type of person typically found in a machine shop. This is a warning that this is not an isolated situation.

In speaking to a machine distributor last week, I was quoted a 17 week lead time for a relatively simple machine tool. This and the Craigslist add volume are key indicators of machine shop capacity.

Good luck and thanks to those of you that keep us running year around.

Welcome to Zenitram Mfg

Welcome to Zenitram’s new website. I hope to add content here in order to help my customers and visitors learn a little about how machining works.